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Classic browser, you can use Microsoft online while placing a large number of options (security, privacy, ease of use) possibilities .Novye Security and konfidentsialnostiInternet Explorer 9 has a new look and offers a variety of options so Uitto to get close to him in relation toInPrivate privacy feature (which allows you to browse incognito) much appreciated and makes open sessions without storing your browsing history or acceptingcookies. Now mozhnoda suits your privacy zhiznvarianty to select welkede data you want the sites toI share with you; Security seem to have deepened and Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 now provides us with new tools such as Tracking Protection and SmartScreen Filter (providing confirmation of the safety of the sites you visit to check, avoiding undesirablepages) .Nastroyte visityour web-stranitsInternet Explorer 9 is an opportunity for Microsoft to (finally) incorporatea system browser tabs. It is no longer neobhodimostichtoby opens a new window for each page you visit, and believe me, this new functiein fact, it is a relief to Internet Explorer. It is unfortunate, however, that thischange so long (much longer than tookthe competition), which will be introduced Rose! But its browser, which offers some of the most interesting opportunities. It can configure the language tools to customize websites. Handy if you patuvaatvo abroador you want to always display web pages at language from your browser. You can also browse engineoptionsto choose your favorite, and do not necessarily need to use crowdsourcing as osnovy.S position extensions, Internet Explorer 9 also is catching, and now offers a range ofadditional plugins to customize your browser. However Dont expect more extensions, Internet Explorer always blames his lag images in different browsers like Firefox! Not yet, the new center offers a capacity for proshiruvanjekorisna viewing resursapotreblenieso you can quickly extensions that keep away hoditTam no doubt could slow experience prosmotra.Brauzer he lay datMicrosoft has radically revised its copy of Internet Explorer 9, the new (and welcome) options for privacy and security enhancements. Special mention mustgo centerforextensions performance is certainly one, but despite the efforts of developers, Internet Explorer 9 is still lagging behind toofarnejzinite main konkurentov.Nigde near as fast as Chrome, Firefox or versatile as how easy asOpera, Microsoft’s browser, easy to expanded hard to getreal speed. Internet Explorer 9 browser is decent, but nowhere near the top of the genre.