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MediaFire MediaFire Desktop is the official client so that you upload files to the server program quickly and easily.

Drag and soltarCon MediaFire Office drag and drop files and documents in the Windows taskbar located in the lower right corner of the screen, from where they are sent to the server MediaFire. There are 50 GB of free storage per user, and sent to 200 MB per file.

Share via URLMediafire table shows the progress bar to indicate the time, the load is taking function, especially useful when working with very large files. Additionally, if a file that provides a URL that you can use ninguén.O program files, screen capture functionality, including sharing, you can save screen images in PNG format before sending or sending to print. It also has added text tools, arrows and other objects.

EasyShare ficheirosSe need to share files over the Internet, MediaFire is a good place to do it. MediaFire Desktop and make the process easier.