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X8 Magix Video Pro (x64)

Magix Video Pro X is easy and powerful video editing software to produce perfect. Award-winning professional video editing for a variety of unique and ambitious, and offers a wide range of power tool manufacturer.

professional video

Access to the specified editing, outstanding performance and cinematic quality graphics and sound effects.

video production

Choose from a variety of excellent recordings, the best GPU video effects, measuring instruments, namely, to improve the edge.


A sound mixer, real-time control of the lightweight frame and editor as well as the impact on air quality, for example, one ton offer everything needed for an effective voice.


NewBlue plug-in view of all the series of special access, which includes color filters and transition effects are impressive, or proDAD Mercalli V2 as the stability of the perfect image.

The most important feature:

– Professional Support (ProRes, AVC, included)

– Supporting actor for fine-scale resolution 4K video

– 3 way color correction Primary and Secondary

– Resolution Camp of nine tracks at the same time

– Assisting the perfect cam action

– Surround sound editing broadcast quality

– Decoding HD and UHD devices (,)

– NewBlue unforgettable view of the quality of the color filter films

New version:

* Set import MXF File

* Fixed a rare suspension of export HEVC

* Adjust the length of the activation schedule of very small objects

* Zoom Slider is now interactive / sizes can be used as usual

* Extending the value of the position / size now renew themselves playback marker is moved

* How Visual adjusts the position / size (GPU and CPU) effects

* Connections Faded image position / size and crop land effect

* Rotating crops and impact the image fades constant connection

* Fixed error when combining the effects of the title and plants

* Fixed crash when turning off the impact of the effects of perspective

A bug that prevented the formation of the video “Video level” to keep

* Accident edge of the schedule

* Audio no longer stops when you press the Esc key application

* Error Fixed prevent closing at the end of the initial application

* Accidents still camera / zoom interface

* Fixed crash when changing the number of passes after surgery

* Black removed from the file when it appears in the video ‘cultivation’ active

* Accident sets, charging effects

* Fixed distorted image (BMP) and the change in size of the keyframe

* A bug that caused the loss of boundaries of objects intended effects / design dragged on fixed

* Fixed crash when using extremely long file path

* Add warning error loading the board for One

* Fixed crash when loading the board for support

* An error occurred when the program is stored in a lookup table fixed / preloaded

* Speed ​​improvement’s impact on the table

* Error Search updated timetable for detecting changes

* Fixed a problem in the calculation effects

* Improving the Quality of moving objects at the border

* An error movement of objects (especially the title) that cause lightning briefly observed leaving the area remains

* Errors are determined by destination briefly appeared in the original position (only visible when the object moves away from the monitor)

* By distorting effects of light color / contrast only at the beginning or end of the curve when transferred to Lao Sin

* Accelerate the most watched / animation effect repairs

* Fixed an error while loading or saving keyframe plugin OpenFX

In an interview with * Fixed an incorrect value when the effect of the overall impact of OpenFX or subcategory does not apply, and is turned on again

* A device that can be done today in the Alpha box chroma key disabled

* Reviews restore light and chroma key interface

* Mercalli image stabilization in a separate material issues (DVD) solved

* Lao Sin project folder path now appears once again to start the conversation

* Life increased travel (operational efficiency, expansion, adding new maps) and accident repair

* Fix for small and local programming interfaces